Types of Commercial Lines Insurance

The John J. Flynn Insurance Agency offers a variety of commercial lines insurance, see below to understand the different types. Still have questions? Contact us!

Property Insurance
A commercial property insurance policy covers losses to “real” property – buildings; furniture, contents, equipment, fixtures, inventory and business income/extra expense.
Liability Insurance
General liability insurance protects against liability for bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury.
Workers Compensation
Workers’ compensation insurance covers business owners if an employee is injured on the job. It can also help injured employees return to work quickly with little or no loss of income. Employers pay all of the costs of workers’ compensation insurance.
Business Auto | Commercial Umbrella
This policy provides coverage that creates an “umbrella” of liability protection over all your other commercial property and liability policies.
Directors & Officers
D & O coverage protects individuals and companies against allegations involving breach of fiduciary duty, inadequate disclosure, violation of anti-trust laws, deceptive trade practices, as well as others.
Employment & Related Practices Liability
Employment Related Practices coverage covers you, your corporation, your directors, officers and employees from actual or alleged wrongful acts related to employment and workplace disputes, as well as from unexpected legal fees and judgments.
Every business has its own set of risks, whether it’s large or small.
We will assess your business needs and put together a comprehensive insurance program.


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Business Insurance FAQs

I’m just getting my business started. Do I need insurance immediately?

Yes. Your chance of suffering a loss begins with the first day of business. If you suffer a loss and have no insurance or have improper or insufficient coverage, your insurance agent can do little, if anything, to help you.

Also, many states and local jurisdictions require businesses to have insurance to begin operating. And if you rent space for your business, your landlord probably requires you to obtain adequate insurance.

I don’t have any major business assets. Why do I need insurance?

Every business has some property. When you think about it, your business is your property. Just like your home and your car, your business needs to be protected from loss, damage, and liability. In addition, your business is your source of income, so you need protection from the potential loss of that income.

Does insurance coverage vary for different businesses?

It can. Many small businesses opt for package policies that cover the major Property and Liability exposures as well as for a loss of income. A common package policy used by many small businesses is called the Business Owners Policy (BOP).

Generally, BOPs provide more complete coverage at a lower price than separate policies for each type of insurance needed. We can help you decide which policy or policies are right for your business. You can also purchase additional coverage for perils or conditions otherwise excluded (e.g., flood protection) as endorsements to a standard policy or as a separate, second policy called a Difference in Conditions (DIC) policy.

We can advise you of the best policy (or policies) to protect you and your business.

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